Limitations and bugs when using Quicksync in Plex

I recently tested multiple Quicksync capable CPU’s in Plex and found some interesting bugs/problems. I would like to make the community aware of these issues in the hope that maybe Plex can work on fixing them :). First and foremost what is Quicksync? Quicksync is Intel’s answer to hardware transcoding on cpus with the iGPU (Integrated […]

Hardware transcoding in Plex with the P2000 and a 2U supermicro dual X5670 server.

Purchase a P2000: $790 P4000 $400 P2000 $140 P400 Video of this article:   Can a video card transcode better than current generation CPU’s and provide the same or a better experience for your plex viewers? Is this card any better than some of the more powerful gaming graphics cards that […]