Cheap 8TB Western Digital Drives

I still see far too many people paying way too much for 8-10TB Drives. This is a tutorial on how to shuck the Western Digital Mybook 8TB External hard drive. This drive can be found at bestbuy for anywhere from $130 to $180 when on sale.


Unbox the hard drive:


When prying the case apart make sure you pull the flat back away from the front. The clips inside will thank you later.


Pull the drive out in this direction; again away from the front of the case. This saves the clips and allows you to put it back together if needed down the road.


These are the clips you are trying not to break.:


Slide the drive out of its frame.


Picking a Thailand built Drive gets you a better chance at 256MB of cache which is almost a clone of the 8TB WD red drive:


Remove the 4 screws with a T10 size bit:


Now you are done and you can install this drive in your nas, server, or desktop. 🙂



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