Home Automation: To hub or not to hub? Part 4 – Hybrid integration, security, final thoughts

Some of my devices require a hub and until I replace those, I will be using a hybrid solution. I have a bridge that connects my Z-Wave door locks and Z-Wave outdoor lights to the cloud. To make things more convenient, I use IFTTT to tie it all together. I Can control the lights and lock the doors using the same type of voice commands that I use for the WiFi devices.

Anytime automation that allows for mobile app access or has “cloud” integration you are facing a security risk. Having secure devices like door locks on a private network provides an extra layer of security. However, if your hub gets hacked then all of those devices are exposed and easily controllable by a hacker.

Home automation can make your life a lot easier and I fully embrace it. My recommendation if you invest in smart home automation is to be sure to follow logical security processes:

  • Never reuse your passwords for your cloud accounts on other services.
  • Reset your passwords regularly.
  • Use services that allow for second factor authentication.
  • Use very secure passwords

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