Comparing home security cameras. Expensive vs cheap.

I recently purchased a handful of the super popular $25 (USD) Wyze Cams to keep an eye on my pets. After setting up the cams on my bird aviaries I noticed the quality seemed a lot higher than the $200 Ring doorbell camera I purchased 2 years ago. I decided to do a comparison of the two and determine if the new offering from Wyze could be used instead of more expensive options like Ring.

The Wyze Cams came in a simple box with the camera, a micro USB power cable with a wall wart, and a metal used to mount the camera to the wall. Setup was simple. I downloaded their app, powered up the camera, pressed the connect button on the bottom, then held my phone in front of the camera so the camera could read the QR code in their app.

The Wyze camera is not water or weatherproof so for my first set of tests I placed one of the cameras in a window beside of my front door where the Ring doorbell is located. The Ring camera has a definite advantage of having a fisheye lens that gives you a wider view. That being said, the image of the Ring is very pixelated and gets washed out with the slightest sunlight.

Below are screenshots from the respective apps. I have the Wyze cam pointed straight out just to demonstrate the field of view. I would mount it angled more towards my driveway. With the Wyze camera due to the high resolution camera I did blur my neighbor’s home for privacy. The Ring camera didn’t need blurring.

Wyze Cam

Ring Doorbell


Ring Doorbell advantages:

  • Uses existing wiring
  • Weatherproof
  • Easily mounts onto home structure.
  • Doorbell button to alert you of someone at your door.
  • Fisheye lens gives wider angle image.

Wyze Cam advantages:

  • Much lower cost
  • No monthly charges for cloud access, included in purchase price
  • Higher resolution camera
  • Better color saturation and white balance camera
  • Option to outline motion that was detected
  • Sound/Smoke/CO2 alarm detection

Shared features of both:

  • 2 way mic/speaker
  • Motion detection with app notifications
  • iOS/Android apps
  • IFTTT integration


Based on the features of each and image quality, the Wyze Cam is currently my choice. I am deploying several through my house and will upload more posts as I learn more about the Wyze Cam.

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